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May 13 to 19, 2012 is FAAW (Food Allergy Awareness Week) promoted by   — just as a reminder, we do the FAAN walk in Coral Gables every year supporting them….make sure you come and join us next time!

The call to action is a clear shout out: Do you have a school where you can give a speech to kids about food allergies? Do you have a story to tell? Did you ask your Governor to make a Proclamation? Do you use social media?


What Some People Are Doing

FAAN created an area in their blog where posts will be published all week long. The first title is “Safe” Cake.

FAI (Food Allergy Initiative) last week announced the merger with FAAN and promoted a “I love someone with food allergies” campaign where anybody can participate by posting something they do to love that person.

AllerMates, producing kid friendly allergy alert products, announced a new fundraising initiative that promotes not-for-profit causes and awareness at the same time through the purchase of their products.

AllergyMoms is giving out their book to parents who likes their Facebook page.

Life, Gluten Free is supporting a giveaway sponsored by Olli-Lolli one company that produces allergy free apparel for kids.

“One small random act of food allergy education” is what  A grateful foodie is promoting


Blogs We Like Reading

First of all here’s all you ought to know at a glance: the 8 allergy foods, labeling, symptoms, reactions and life-threatening episodes.

Kristin Beltaos writes A Gift of Miles how to manage a balanced life with challenges like food allergies.

The Princess and the Peanut: a Royal Allergic Fairytale: our favorite fairy tale that talks about a princess but it’s not only for all the girls out there, but also for all those princes allergic to peanuts.

No Nuts Moms Group … it goes without saying

For safety legal opinions we go to OneSpot Allergy  written by Elizabeth Goldenberg mother of two sons, one of whom has a life-threatening allergy to nuts and tree nuts.



The Kids With Food Allergy Foundation is the nation’s largest online community.

Allergy Eats is a multiple award-winning, praised and acclaimed app launched by a father of kids allergic to several foods: the first one to set foot officially in Disney World. Eat with no worries in 3 steps: choose food (they are only 8), select location, type name of restaurant if you have it and there’s no need to fast.

Some Curious Stuff

Allergies at the movie theater

How to say “I’m allergic to peanuts” in Chinese? Go to Allergic Traveler where they provide pocket size cards translated in 17 languages. The benefit? Wherever you travel to, for work or pleasure, you can be sure you will enjoy the benefits instead of worrying.


Latest News

A leading delivery pizza brand launched a “gluten free” pizza crust, most probably piggy backing the latest Hollywood trend of going gluten free to lose weight. The point is celiac disease needs to be addressed professionally and cautiously.

The leading brand of epinephrine aired a TV spot that caused so much controversy that it had to be pulled off the TV screens.

Ultimately, we don’t want this to be a sad or tragic post but we feel it is very important we all become aware of the truths, myths and potential dangers of food allergies. This week we would like to remember and honor those lives that have been lost due to misdiagnosed or underestimated food allergies. Lets all play an active role in preventing more tragedies from happening – AWARENESS IS KEY TO PREVENTION.

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