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9 Trick-Or-Treating tips to celebrate an allergy-free Halloween:

1. The “At Least One” Tip:  1 parent (or guardian), 1 cell phone and  1 packet of hand wipes.
2.  The “Must” Tip:  carry Epinephrine at all times if you suffer  from severe allergies.
3.  The “No Thank You” Tip: never be ashamed or feel silly for saying “no thank you” when offered an item you know is not safe.

(…look for free bonus further down this post…)

4.  The “Substitute” Tip: here’s a list of items to give out other than candies: coloring pencils, stickers, plastic jewelry or mini toys, art supplies.
5.  The “Stomach Full” Tip: eat dinner before trick-or-treating so that your child(ren) will not be tempted to eat every candy in sight.
6.  The “Trick-Or-Trade” Tip: have your child trade the candy collected for a wrapped gift and donate the candy instead. Trade safe for unsafe candies when back home.
7.  The “Be Prepared” Tip:   consider buying some allergy-free treats to give out to your neighbors.
8.  The “No Way Jose” Tip: never have your child eat any treats before having read all the labels.
9.  The “Think Outside the Box” Tip: instead of heading out door-to-door looking for candy, plan a different and fun activity for your kids (like a scavenger hunt where they can find allergy-safe treats)

(….and now the FREE BONUS we promised you!)

Click here to download the FREE STICKERS we have created for you. Use them profusely on your costume, lunch box, school bag, etc….  We know you are well aware of your kids’ allergies and how to keep them safe,  but we want everyone your kid might come in contact with to also be mindful . These stickers will come in very handy in alerting people what items are NOT SAFE for your child(ren).


Now, What To Do With All That Candy?

Because we’ve all been there…you come home after a full day of candy-infused activities and now your home looks like a giant piñata just broke open. Well here are 4 GAMES  to manage all those treats:

  • SHOPPING. Buy the candies from your child, set a price list for different types of sweets and have your child practice sorting, adding, saving, budgeting, cashing in. Give real money or increments of points for Ipod tunes  or TV time. Great life lessons can come out of a game like this!
  • BARTER. Let your child use the candies for trade. If your children really don’t want to let the treats go, let them keep them and make a “trading pact”. They can trade them at any time for skipped chores, special allowances or any desirable item. You can even make a poster listing exchange rates. This can help teach you kids the art of barter, patience and self-control.
  • SWEET FOR THOUGHTS. Rather than taking snacks away for bad behavior, consider using sweet points instead of money for chores accomplished, work done and goals met.
  • HIDE AND GO EAT. Play a treasure hunt or hide-and-seek  with your child: implement  20 questions that involve a new language or movement skills to motivate your child to reach the candy prize.


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