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You know that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” when there are reasons for Thanksgiving, exchanging gifts, welcoming the new year, celebrating the good-riddance of the year gone, traveling to visit friends and families, or simply enjoying a family trip or outing to your favorite local restaurant.

Now lets imagine the picture: airplane tickets, video camera, the book you always wanted to read, hotel reservation, tickets to that long-awaited theater show, booking for a hike in the canyon, passports and visas, suitcases packed with bathing suits or winter gear, etc…  Then questions start to arise: Will I be able to bring the asthma inhalers in cabin? Is the airline still offering peanuts as snacks? Where’s the gluten-free choice in the restaurant menu on the cruise? Is the hotel room hypo-allergenic or will I not be able to sleep?  Where is the nearest hospital or emergency facility?

When traveling with (kids with) allergies and asthma there are a series of precautions  that need  to be addressed besides the logistics, to assure the family a load of fun. We have tried to compile a list of what we think can help achieve a smooth and exhilarating holiday season or stay-cation.


For a sniff-free holiday season do you want to know why coming to Miami would be one of the top choices?  We live in one of the top 15 travel destinations in the United States for allergy sufferers with the following parameters: dust mite control, pet free places, mold control (that’s not to say we don’t have any, just keep it under strict control down in South Florida), and pollen control.

Disney has a Guest Services Department with Special Dietary Request page that gives specifications as to how to make reservations. Also on December 15 a special event called –  Private Illumination Dessert Party (read more on this here)

There’s an online guide to allergy friendly restaurants that also offers a free downloadable APP : it comes handy when deciding on where the entire family will be able to enjoy a festive meal.

Still in doubt on whether or not you are well prepared to avoid seasonal allergies? Take the quiz which will clear-up some misconceptions …. and if you scored really bad then don’t hesitate to come by and consult one of our physicians.

Stay tuned for next post about ideas on how to handle your child(ren) food allergies when hosting the holiday dinner parties/celebrations.

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