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Do you suspect you may have food allergies? Avril of New York suspected she may have had food allergies: 

“There were certain days when I would have digestive issues and be incredibly tired, even if I had a good 8 hours of rest the night before”. 

Avril started a journal and it didn’t take long for her to recognize patterns.

“The diary allowed me to pay closer attention to the foods I was eating and I noticed certain foods would give me the exact same symptoms every time I ate them, I knew I had to see a doctor after that”. 

She had a consultation with her local allergist and showed the logs to her doctor.

“He was so impressed that all my foods and symptoms were easily accessible. I ended up being allergic to gluten; it was great to finally figure out what was wrong and discover the solution to feeling better”.


Have you ever had any symptoms that lead you to suspect you may have food allergies? They may be so random, that the first thing you will be required to do is to keep a detailed food journal. With technology ruling our life there’s only one thing available day and night more than a journal and a pen, and it’s our phone.

What better than an app?  ALLERGY JOURNAL is the new one.

  • It allows you to log which foods you have eaten and any symptoms you have experienced.

  • If you do contract any symptoms after eating a food, you can also log whether those symptoms were mild, medium, or severe.

  • It comes with the function that enables you to record the exact date and time you began feeling symptoms and a “notes” feature which allows you to add any additional comments or questions you may have for your doctor.

  • It can help you recognize any food sensitivities you may have and will enable your doctor’s appointments to go faster and smoother. 

  • It has a pre-loaded database of foods and symptoms so you can enter your data conveniently while on the go!

  • There’s also a  “Meal” feature which helps eliminate the need to input the same entries repeatedly for a commonly eaten meal.

AllergyJournal (app screen shot)


The ALLERGY JOURNAL app is the perfect tool for anyone who suspects they may have allergies and wants to log their food intake for their doctor, anyone who knows they have allergies and wants to pay closer attention to their diet, or for someone who simply wants to utilize a diet-tracker. The ALLERGY JOURNAL app was created by IBKR and is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

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