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Do you look forward to autumn, or do you dread months of coughing and sneezing?

Your best bet is to head off your fall allergies before they begin. 


Each year, more than 36 million Americans fall prey to seasonal allergies, and for many, fall can be the worst time of year. This is because ragweed pollen and mold spores are out in abundance and these triggers can make your eyes, nose, and throat itch. Some trees and grasses also pollinate in autumn, and these can also increase discomfort once the summer months come to an end. While antihistamines and nasal sprays can usually help relieve some fall allergy symptoms, your best bet is to head off your fall allergies before they begin.

Preventing Fall Allergies

Here, ten tried and true methods to prevent fall allergies:


  1. Pay attention to the weather. Warm, windy days tend to have more ragweed pollen in the air, so staying indoors can help you feel better.
  2. Plan outside activities for afternoons, when the pollen and mold spore counts are often lower than any other time of day.
  3. After spending time outside, clean your hair and clothing to wash away any allergens.
  4. Keep your car and house windows closed to prevent allergens from coming in.
  5. Run your air conditioner to help clean the air.
  6. Take allergy medicine preventively rather than waiting until symptoms start to kick in.
  7. Let someone else handle your yard work since mold can thrive in piles of leaves and can cause you to itch and sneeze.
  8. Stay indoors after your lawn is mowed, since this can stir up allergens in the air.
  9. Remove indoor plants from your home (or at least keep them to a minimum), as the soil can be a breeding ground for mold.
  10. If you must spend time in your yard, wear a mask when pollen and mold spores are out in full force.








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