Part 2: Our Furry Pets

…more from Dr. Dana Wallace… Controlling Animal Dander Contrary to popular belief, people are not allergic to an animal’s hair, but rather, to a protein found in the saliva, dander [...]

Our Furry Pets

From the desk of our own Dr. Dana Wallace…. Kim Kardashian is allergic to cats: by now we all know why she chose to visit Florida Center For Allergy & Asthma Care. Dr. Dana Wallace will [...]

A Look Back at 2012

Happy Holidays: a look back at 2012 with our social media eyes.   ‘Tis the season to THANK. Because the real power of social media lies in its ability to engage and interact, not just [...]

A Toast to the Host

When you suffer from food allergies or are the parent of children with food allergies, the always impending question when holiday season kicks in is:  “why is there food everywhere?”  Here [...]

Halloween: Allergy-Safe

Like all the invisible ingredients in a deviled egg, inexpensive makeup can contain ghostly allergens. Test the products in a small area of skin days before to avoid unpleasant surprises or [...]

Ragweed Allergy

Tormented by sneezing and itchy eyes during summer? Do you dread the inevitable arrival of those months ending in “ber” ? As if having to prepare for tropical storms and hurricane [...]

Back to School A,B,C’s

Vacation is pretty much over for kids and parents alike as “back to school” day approaches. School supplies, uniforms, and after-school activity enrollments are now at the top of most “to do [...]