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BedbugsMIAMI, FL – July 17, 2012 – With summer travel in full swing, now is the peak season for bedbugs, which are prevalent between July and September.  Bedbug bites can lead to allergies often mistaken as a simple rash or urticaria. They can also set-off asthma attacks and although rare, have even led to reports of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening reaction that causes the swelling or tightness of the throat.

Bedbug bites appear as red bumps on areas of the skin that is usually not covered while sleeping. Contrary to other rashes which are also itchy, the bedbug bites often follow a line pattern, which will usually be redder in the morning. For individuals with allergies, this can become a more severe problem. Seeking medical assistance and taking precautions is essential.

Bedbugs are a brown or reddish colored flat wingless insect that is typically about half the size of a dime, making them difficult to find. These parasites normally feed at night for periods between five and 10 minutes and can go for months between feedings, a leading factor in making it more difficult to get rid of them. Individuals should check for black specks on their sheets and mattresses, a tell-tale sign that they have been around. Once bitten by these insects, many think they are having an allergic reaction, but the reaction is actually an irritant effect to the insect bite itself. It is often misdiagnosed for another type of insect bite or allergy and not recognized right away.

Anyone suffering from severe bedbug bites should seek medical consultation. An allergy specialist will help determine the exact cause and course of treatment. If the bites are irritated or scratched, the condition may worsen and become infected, leading to pain, redness and possible discharge from the bites.

Allergy sufferers may experience more severe symptoms, leading to blisters, redness, hives and swelling. It is also important to keep in mind that bedbugs are able to transmit the Hepatitis B virus, as well as other parasites. Allergists utilize specialized treatments, including antihistamines and corticosteroid creams and are especially qualified to treat patients suffering from asthma as a result.

Bedbugs can be found in numerous locations, including hotels, homes, and can even make their way into luggage. The best way to eradicate this problem is through extermination from a professional. When sleeping in another bed, it is suggested that individuals sleep in long-sleeved shirts and pants, minimizing exposure to uncovered areas. Studies also show what using certain insect repellents may help as well.

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